6 occurrences in 33 translations

'In Your Presence' in the Bible

You have made known to me the ways of life; You will enrapture me [diffusing my soul with joy] with and in Your presence.

This man you see and know was made strong by his faith in the name of Jesus. His faith has given him total healing in your presence.

Be it known unto you all, and unto all the people of Israel: that, in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, - whom, ye, crucified, whom, God, raised from among the dead, in him, doth, this man stand by, in your presence, whole.

Brethren and fathers, listen to the defense which I now make in your presence.

When I was informed that there was a plot against the man, I sent him to you right away. I also ordered his accusers to state their case against him in your presence.

I think myself happy, king Agrippa, in having this opportunity of vindicating myself in your presence, from every thing the Jews have laid to my charge:

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