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See under ADULTERY. The idol of jealousy, Eze 8:3,5, is the same with Thammuz in Eze 8:14. See THAMMUZ.

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suspicion of a wife's purity, one of the strongest passions (Nu 5:14; Pr 6:34; Song 8:6); also an intense interest for another's honour or prosperity (Ps 79:5; 1Co 10:22; Zec 1:14).

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The law of the 'jealousy ordeal' (in which a wife suspected of unfaithfulness had to prove her innocence by drinking the water of bitterness ['holy water' mixed with dust from the floor of the Tabernacle]) is found in Nu 5:11-31. The conception of idolatry as adultery and of Jehovah as the Husband of Israel led the OT writers frequently to speak of Him as a jealous God (Ex 20:5; De 5:9; Jos 24:19; 1Ki 14:22; Ps 78:58; Eze 36:6; Na 1:2). This jealousy is the indication of Jehovah's desire to maintain the purity of the spiritual relation between Himself and His people. Extraordinary zeal for this same end is characteristic of the servants of Jehovah, and is sometimes called jealousy with them (2Co 11:2; Nu 25:11,13; 1Ki 19:10). A few times the word is used in a bad sense (Ro 13:13; 1Co 3:3; 2Co 12:20; Ga 5:20; Jas 3:14,16).

D. A. Hayes.

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qana, 'to be inflamed.' The warm affection that cannot bear to see its loved one enticed by another, as a man is jealous of his wife, Nu 5:14; as Paul felt for the Corinthian saints, 2Co 11:2; and as God regarded the people and the land which He had chosen, and upon which He had placed His name. Ps 79:5; Eze 39:25; Joe 2:18; Zec 1:14; 8:2. "Jehovah, whose name is jealous, is a jealous God." Ex 34:14.

Moses speaks of Jehovah provoking Israel to jealousy by their seeing Gentiles coming into blessing. Paul also sought to do the same that they might be saved. De 32:21; Ro 10:19; 11:11,14.

THE IMAGE OF JEALOUSY, which provoketh to jealousy, was seen in a vision by the prophet, set up in the temple (Eze 8:3-5), as when Manasseh set up the graven image in the house of Jehovah, 2Ki 11:7; though doubtless by the scope of the prophecy reference is made to secret idolatry in connection with the service of the temple, and to secret idols in the hearts of those who were professedly the worshippers of God: such would assuredly provoke the jealousy of Jehovah.

THE LAW OF JEALOUSY, when a man suspected his wife of being unfaithful to him, is given in Nu 5:11-31. The woman was required to drink bitter water, composed of 'holy water,' in which was placed dust from the floor of the tabernacle (type of the Holy Spirit applying what death is, as God's judgement of sin, by the word to the conscience). If she had been unfaithful it would be a curse to her. It pointed figuratively to the question of Israel's unfaithfulness to Jehovah.

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