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71 Bible Verses about ethics, social

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2 Samuel 23:3-4

Said the God of Israel, Unto me, spake the Rock of Israel: - One Ruling over Men, A Righteous One, ruling in the reverence of God, Is even as the light of the morning when ariseth the sun, - A morning, without clouds, As from brightness, and from rain, the fresh shoots out of the earth.

Psalm 2:10-12

Now, therefore, ye kings, show your prudence, Be admonished, ye judges of earth: Serve Yahweh with reverence, and exult with trembling: Kiss the son, lest he be angry, and ye perish by the way, for soon might be kindled his anger, - How happy are all who seek refuge in him!

Proverbs 25:5

Remove a lawless man from before the king, that his throne, may be established in righteousness.

Proverbs 28:2

For the transgressions of a land, many are the rulers thereof, but, under an intelligent and discerning man, stability is prolonged.

Isaiah 54:14

In righteousness, shalt thou be established, - Be thou far from oppression - But indeed thou shalt not fear, And from crushing calamity - But indeed it shall not come nigh unto thee.

1 Timothy 2:1-2

I exhort, therefore, first of all, that there be made - supplications, prayers, intercessions, thankgivings, in behalf of all men, In behalf of kings, and all them who are, in eminent station; in order that, an undisturbed, and quiet life, we may lead, in all godliness and gravity:

Ezra 6:10

that they may be offering sweet-smelling sacrifices unto the God of the heavens, - and be praying for the life of the king, and his sons.

Psalm 20:9

Yahweh, hath saved the king. Answer us, then, on the day when we call.

Psalm 72:1

O God! thy justice, give, unto the king, And thy righteousness, unto the son of a king;

1 Peter 2:13-14

Submit yourselves unto every human creation, for the Lord's sake, - whether unto a king, as one that protecteth, Or unto governors, as, through him, sent - for vengeance on evil-doers, but praise to such as do good;

Deuteronomy 17:12

And, the man who shall do presumptuously by not hearkening unto the priest that standeth to minister there to Yahweh thy God, or unto the judge, that man shall die, and so shalt thou consume the wicked thing out of Israel.

1 Samuel 24:6

And he said unto his men - Far be it from me, of Yahweh, that I should do this thing unto my lord, unto the Anointed of Yahweh, to thrust forth my hand against him, - for, the Anointed of Yahweh, is he!

1 Kings 21:10

then let two reckless men take their seats before him, that they may bear witness against him, saying, Thou hast reviled God and king! then shall ye carry him forth and stone him, that he die.

Acts 23:5

And Paul said - I was not aware, brethren, that he was high-priest; because it is written - Of a ruler of thy people, shalt thou not speak injuriously.

Romans 13:5

Wherefore it is necessary to be in subjection, - not only because of the anger, but also because of the conscience;

Leviticus 27:30

And, as for all the tithe of the land whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the trees, unto Yahweh, it belongeth, - as something holy unto Yahweh.

Deuteronomy 14:28

At the end of three years, shalt thou bring forth all the tithe of thine increase in that year, - and shalt lay it up within thy gates;

Nehemiah 10:32

And we laid on ourselves charges, appointing for ourselves the third of a shekel, yearly, - for the service of the house of our God:

Matthew 17:27

But, that we may not cause them to stumble, go unto the sea, and cast in a hook, and, the first fish that cometh up, take, and, opening its mouth, thou shalt find a shekel, - that, take, and give to them for me and thee.

Romans 13:6-7

For, because of this, are ye paying tribute also, - for, God's ministers of state, they are, unto this very thing, giving constant attendance. Render unto all their dues, - unto whom tribute, tribute, unto whom tax, tax, unto whom fear, fear, unto whom honour, honour.

Deuteronomy 16:19-20

Thou shalt not wrest judgment, thou shalt not take note of faces, - nor shalt thou accept a bribe, for the bribe, blindeth the eyes of wise men, and perverteth the words of righteous men. What is right, what is right, shalt thou pursue, - that thou mayest live and possess the land, which, Yahweh thy God, is giving unto thee.

Exodus 23:8

And, a bribe, shalt thou not take, - for the bribe, blindeth the clear-sighted, and perverteth the words of the righteous.

Leviticus 19:15

Ye shall not act perversely in giving judgment, Thou shalt neither respect the person of the poor, Nor prefer the person of the great, - In righteousness, shalt thou judge thy neighbour.

Isaiah 10:1

Alas! for them who ordain iniquitous decree, - And, busy writers, who make a business of writing mischief:

Isaiah 56:1

Thus, saith Yahweh, Observe ye justice, And execute righteousness, - For near, is My salvation, to come in, and My righteousness to be revealed.

1 Timothy 5:21

I adjure thee, before God, and Christ Jesus, and the chosen messengers, that, these things, thou observe, apart from prejudgment, doing, nothing, by partiality.

Deuteronomy 15:7-9

When there cometh to be among you a needy person any one of thy brethren within any one of thy gates, in thy land, which Yahweh thy God is giving unto thee, thou shalt not harden thy heart nor shut thy hand from thy needy brother; but thou shalt, open, thy hand unto him, - and, lend, him enough to meet the poverty which doth impoverish him. Take thou heed to thyself lest there be something near thine abandoned heart, saying - Drawing nigh, is the seventh year the year of release, and so thine eye be evil, against thy needy brother, and thou give not unto him, - and he cry out against thee unto Yahweh, and it become in thee a sin!

Leviticus 25:35

And, when thy brother waxeth poor, and his hand becometh feeble with thee, then shalt thou strengthen him, as a sojourner and a settler, so shall he live with thee.

Deuteronomy 24:12

And, if he be a poor man, thou shalt not sleep in his pledge:

James 2:3-4

And ye eye him that hath on the gay clothing, and say, Thou, be sitting here, pleasantly, - and, unto the destitute man, say - Thou, stand, or sit there under my footstool, Would ye not have been led to make distinctions among yourselves, and have become judges with wicked reasonings?

Deuteronomy 26:12

When thou shalt make an end of tithing all the tithe of thine increase in the third year the year of tithing, - and shalt give unto the Levite unto the sojourner, unto the fatherless and unto the widow, and they shall eat within thy gates and be satisfied,

Exodus 23:11

but the seventh year, shalt thou let it rest and be still so shall the needy of thy people eat, and what they leave, shall the wild-beast of the field eat, - in like manner, shalt thou deal with thy vineyard with thine oliveyard.

Leviticus 19:9-10

And when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not wholly clear the border of thy field, in reaping, - nor shalt thou gather up the gleaning of thy harvest. And, thy vineyard, shalt thou not go over again, nor gather, every single grape: for the poor and for the sojourner, shalt thou leave them, I - Yahweh, am your God.

Leviticus 23:22

And, when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not wholly clear the border of thy field when thou reapest, and, the gleanings of thy field, shalt thou not glean, - for the poor and for the sojourner, shalt thou leave them. I - Yahweh, am your God.

Isaiah 58:10

And shalt let thine own soul a go out to the hungry, And the soul of the oppressed, thou shalt satisfy, Then shall break forth in darkness thy light, And thy thick darkness, become as the splendour of noon;

Matthew 15:32

But, Jesus, calling near his disciples, said - My compassions are moved towards the multitude, because even now, three days, abide they with me, and they have nothing to eat, - and, to dismiss them fasting, I am not willing, lest by any means they faint in the way.

Mark 8:2-3

I am moved with compassion towards the multitude, because, already three days, abide they with me, and they have nothing to eat; and, if dismiss them fasting unto their home, they will be exhausted in the way, - and, certain of them, are, from afar.

Luke 3:11

And, answering, he said unto them - He that hath two tunics, let him share with him that hath none, and, he that hath food, in like manner, let him be doing.

Psalm 82:3-4

Vindicate the weak and the fatherless, The oppressed and the poor, see righted; Deliver the weak sad the needy, Out of the hand of the lawless, make rescue.

Leviticus 25:25

When thy brother waxeth poor, and so selleth aught of his possession, then may his kinsman that is near unto him come in, and redeem that which was sold by his brother.

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