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And Rachel saw she had borne no children unto Jacob, so Rachel became envious of her sister, - and said unto Jacob, Come! give me children, or else, I die.

So shall Aaron and his sons make an end of covering the sanctuary, and all the utensils of the sanctuary, when the camp is to set forward, then after that, shall the sons of Kohath enter to bear it, but they must not put forth a touch unto that which, is holy, else should they die, these, shall be the burden of the sons of Kohath in the tent of meeting.

but they shall not enter to see, for a moment, that which is holy, else should they die.

Then responded his neighbour and said: - Nothing else, is this, than the sword of Gideon son of Joash, a man of Israel, - God hath delivered into his hand, both Midian and all the host.

And, if the man said to him, Let them at least, make incense, at once with the fat, then take thou as much as thy soul craveth, Then said he to him, But, at once, shalt thou give it; or else, I will take it by force.

And, when all the people came near to get David to eat bread, while yet it was day, David sware, saying - So, let God do to me, and, so, let him add, if, before the sun go in, I taste bread, or anything else.

To the end that all the peoples of the earth may know, that, Yahweh, is God, - there is none else.

Then said the king unto me, Wherefore is thy countenance sad, seeing that, thou, art not sick? this is nothing else, but sadness of heart. Then feared I exceedingly,

Every one, was like every one else, one destiny, had the righteous and the lawless, the good and the pure and the impure, and he that sacrificed, and he that did not sacrifice, - as the good man, so, the sinner, he that took an oath, as he who, of an oath, stood in fear.

Else, let one lay hold of my protection, Let him make peace with me, - Peace, let him make with me.

I, am Yahweh, and there is none else, Besides me, there is no God, - I gird thee, though thou hast not known me:

That men may get to know. From the rising of the sun And from the west. That there is none besides me, - I, am Yahweh, and there is none else:

Thus, saith Yahweh - The produce of Egypt and the gain of Ethiopia, and the Sabeans, men of great stature, Unto thee, shall come over, And thine, shall they become, After thee, shall they journey, In chains, shall they come over, - And unto thee, shall they bow down Unto thee, shall they pray saying , - Surely, in thee, is a GOD And there is none else - no, God!

For, Thus, saith Yahweh, Who created the heavens God himself! Who fashioned the earth - And made it Himself, established it, -- Not a waste, created he it To be dwelt in, he fashioned it, -- I, am Yahweh, and there is none else:

Tell ye - and bring near, Yea let them take counsel, together, - Who let this be known aforetime. In time past, declared it? Was it not, I - Yahweh? And there is none else that is God besides me, A GOD, righteous and ready to save, There is none, besides me!

Remember ye the things named in advance from age-past times, - For, I, am, The Mighty One, and there is none else, The Adorable and there is none like me!

Therefore, thus, saith Yahweh of hosts, Behold me! melting them, so will I try them, - For how else should I do because of the wickedness of the daughter of my people?

So shall ye know that, in the midst of Israel, I am, and that, I, Yahweh, am your God, and none else, - and my people, shall not be abashed, unto times age-abiding.

Now, all Athenians and the sojourning foreigners, unto nothing else, were devoting their leisure, than to be telling or hearing, something newer.

Others, indeed, were crying out something else; for the assembly had become confused, and, the greater part, knew not for what cause they had come together.

but, others, were calling out, something else, in the multitude; and so, as he could not get to know the certainty, because of the tumult, he ordered him to be brought into the castle.

So then, having met with, the help that is from God, until this day, do I stand, witnessing to both small and great, nothing else saying, than those things which both the prophets, and Moses, did say should certainly come to pass: -

Wherefore, inexcusable, thou art, O man, whoever judgest; for, wherein thou judgest some one else, thyself, thou dost condemn, - for, the very things, thou dost practise, who art judging:

Thou, therefore, that art teaching someone else, thyself, art thou not teaching? Thou that proclaimest - Do not steal! Art thou, stealing?

Far be it! Else how shall God judge the world?

Yea! I immersed the house of Stephanas also, - besides, I know not whether, anyone else, I immersed.

Not at all, meaning the fornicators of this world, or the covetous and extortioners, or idolaters, - else had ye been obliged, in that case, to go out of the world!

Else, if thou be blessing in a spirit, he that filleth up the place of the ungifted person, how shall he say the Amen upon thy thanksgiving? since indeed, what thou art saying, he knoweth not;

Else, what will they do, who are being immersed in behalf of the dead? If, not at all, are the dead to be raised, why are they even being immersed in their behalf?

I, am persuaded regarding you, in the Lord - that, for nothing else, ye will have any regard; but, he that is troubling you, shall bear the sentence, - whosoever he may be.

fornicators, sodomites, man-stealers, liars, false- swearers, - and, if anything else, unto the healthful teaching, is opposed; -

Else had it been needful for him, ofttimes, to suffer, from the foundation of the world; but, now, once for all, upon a conjunction of the ages, for a setting aside of sin through means of his sacrifice, hath he been made manifest;

Else would they not, in that case, have ceased being offered, by reason of those rendering the divine service having no further conscience at all of sins, being once for all purified?