48 Bible Verses about Excellence

Most Relevant Verses

Daniel 5:12

Because a most special spirit, and knowledge and reason and the power of reading dreams and unfolding dark sayings and answering hard questions, were seen to be in him, even in Daniel (named Belteshazzar by the king): now let Daniel be sent for, and he will make clear the sense of the writing.

Psalm 148:13

Let them give glory to the name of the Lord: for his name only is to be praised: his kingdom is over the earth and the heaven.

Daniel 6:3

Then this Daniel did his work better than the chief rulers and the captains, because there was a special spirit in him; and it was the king's purpose to put him over all the kingdom.

2 Corinthians 4:7

But we have this wealth in vessels of earth, so that it may be seen that the power comes not from us but from God;

1 Corinthians 12:31

But let your desires be turned to the more important things given by the Spirit. And now I am pointing out to you an even better way.

1 Corinthians 2:1

And when I came to you, my brothers, I did not come with wise words of knowledge, putting before you the secret of God.

Hebrews 8:6

But now his position as priest is higher. because through him God has made a better agreement with man, based on the giving of better things.

Daniel 5:14

And I have had news of you, that the spirit of the gods is in you, and that light and reason and special wisdom have been seen in you.

Isaiah 12:5

Make a song to the Lord; for he has done noble things: give news of them through all the earth.

Isaiah 60:15

And though you were turned away from, and hated, and had no helper, I will make you a pride for ever, a joy from generation to generation.

Isaiah 28:29

This comes from the Lord of armies, purposing wonders, and wise in all his acts.

Psalm 45:2

You are fairer than the children of men; grace is flowing through your lips; for this cause the blessing of God is with you for ever.

Psalm 8:9

O Lord, our Lord, how noble is your name in all the earth!

Genesis 49:3

Reuben, you are my oldest son, the first-fruit of my strength, first in pride and first in power:

Ruth 3:11

And now, my daughter, have no fear; I will do for you whatever you say: for it is clear to all my townspeople that you are a woman of virtue.

Genesis 41:38

Then Pharaoh said to his servants, Where may we get such a man as this, a man in whom is the spirit of God?

Deuteronomy 33:26

No other is like the God of Jeshurun, coming on the heavens to your help, and letting his glory be seen in the skies.

Proverbs 8:6

Give ear, for my words are true, and my lips are open to give out what is upright.

Hebrews 11:4

By faith Abel made a better offering to God than Cain, and he had witness through it of his righteousness, God giving his approval of his offering: and his voice still comes to us through it though he is dead.

Isaiah 35:2

It will be flowering like the rose; it will be full of delight and songs; the glory of Lebanon will be given to it; the pride of Carmel and Sharon: they will see the glory of the Lord, the power of our God.

Isaiah 4:2

In that day will the young growth of the Lord be beautiful in glory, and the fruit of the earth will be the pride of those who are still living in Israel.

Psalm 62:4

Their only thought is to put him down from his place of honour; their delight is in deceit: blessing is in their mouths but cursing in their hearts. (Selah.)

Psalm 68:34

Make clear that strength is God's: he is lifted up over Israel, and his power is in the clouds.

Deuteronomy 33:29

Happy are you, O Israel: who is like you, a people whose saviour is the Lord, whose help is your cover, whose sword is your strength! All those who are against you will put themselves under your rule, and your feet will be planted on their high places.

Psalm 76:4

You are shining and full of glory, more than the eternal mountains.

Proverbs 8:10

Take my teaching, and not silver; get knowledge in place of the best gold.

1 Timothy 3:13

For those who have done good work as Deacons get for themselves a good position and become free from fear in the faith which is in Christ Jesus.

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