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Theasaurus: Judgments

30 Bible Verses about Judgments

Most Relevant Verses

1 Peter 4:17

For the time has come for judgement to begin, and to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the end of those who reject God's Good News?

Romans 2:2

and we know that God's judgement against those who commit such sins is in accordance with the truth.

Romans 2:3

And you who pronounce judgement upon those who do such things although your own conduct is the same as theirs--do you imagine that you yourself will escape unpunished when God judges?

Revelation 19:2

True and just are His judgments, because He has judged the great Harlot who was corrupting the whole earth with her fornication, and He has taken vengeance for the blood of His bondservants which her hands have shed."

John 9:39

"I came into this world," said Jesus, "to judge men, that those who do not see may see, and that those who do see may become blind."

1 Corinthians 4:3

I however am very little concerned at undergoing your scrutiny, or that of other men; in fact I do not even scrutinize myself.

Matthew 12:42

The Queen of the south will awake at the Judgement together with the present generation, and will condemn it; because she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and mark! there is One greater than Solomon here.

From Thematic Bible

Fire » Figurative » Judgments

Luke 12:49

"I came to throw fire upon the earth, and what is my desire? Oh that it were even now kindled!

Fire » Illustrative of » Judgments

Glorifying God » For his » Judgments

Glorifying God » Judgments

Joel » Denounced » Judgments » Against » enemies of God

Judgments » No escape from

Hebrews 2:1-3

For this reason we ought to pay the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, for fear we should drift away from them. For if the message delivered through angels proved to be true, and every transgression and act of disobedience met with just retribution, how shall *we* escape if we are indifferent to a salvation as great as that now offered to us? This, after having first of all been announced by the Lord Himself, had its truth made sure to us by those who heard Him,

Hebrews 12:25

Be careful not to refuse to listen to Him who is speaking to you. For if they of old did not escape unpunished when they refused to listen to him who spoke on earth, much less shall we escape who turn a deaf ear to Him who now speaks from Heaven.

Judgments » Should lead to » Humiliation

Judgments » Saints » Acknowledge the justice of

Judgments » Are frequently tempered with mercy

Judgments » Are sent, as punishment for » Despising the warnings of God

Judgments » Different kinds of » Destruction

Judgments » Are from God

Judgments » Upon the israelites » For complaining

Judgments » Saints » Sympathize with those under

Judgments » May be averted by » Humiliation

Judgments » Inflicted upon » Posterity of sinners

Judgments » Manifest the righteous character of God

Judgments » Saints » Pray for those under

Judgments » Are sent, as punishment for » Disobedience to God

Judgments » Saints » Provided for, during

Judgments » Should lead to » Contrition

Judgments » Denounced against disobedience

Judgments » Are sent, as punishment for » Sins of rulers

Judgments » May be averted by » Prayer

Judgments » Inflicted upon » Individuals

Judgments » The forty years of wandering, a judgment

Judgments » Different kinds of » Captivity

Judgments » Different kinds of » Famine

Judgments » Inflicted upon » Nations

Judgments » Are sent, as punishment for » Iniquity

Judgments » Are sent, as punishment for » Idolatry

Judgments » Eli's house

Judgments » Different kinds of » Continued sorrows

Judgments » Different kinds of » Swords

Judgments » Upon nations--exemplified

Judgments » Inflicted upon » False gods

Judgments » Preservation during--exemplified » Noah

Judgments » Upon nations--exemplified » The old world

Judgments » Sent for correction

Judgments » Different kinds of » Desolation

Judgments » Upon the canaanites

Judgments » Delayed

Judgments » Different kinds of » Pestilence

Judgments » Should be a warning to others

Luke 13:3

I tell you, certainly not. On the contrary, if you are not penitent you will all perish as they did.

Luke 13:5

I tell you, certainly not. On the contrary, if you do not repent you will all perish just as they did."

Judgments » Misunderstood

Judgments » May be averted by » Turning to God

Judgments » All the earth

Judgments » Are sent, as punishment for » Persecuting saints

Judgments » Different kinds of » Blotting out the name

Judgments » Should lead to » Prayer

Judgments » Preservation during--exemplified » Elisha

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Cain

Judgments » May be averted by » Forsaking iniquity

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » saul

Judgments » Different kinds of » Enemies

Judgments » Inflicted upon » All enemies of saints

Judgments » Denounced against solomon

Judgments » Preservation during--exemplified » Shunammite

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Hophni

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Ahab

Judgments » Are sent, as punishment for » Murmuring against God

Judgments » Upon nations--exemplified » People of bethshemesh

Judgments » Upon nations--exemplified » Sodom, &c

Judgments » Upon nations--exemplified » Amalekites

Judgments » Preservation during--exemplified » Elijah

Judgments » Preservation during--exemplified » Joseph

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Jeroboam

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Jezebel

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Gehazi

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Canaan

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Uzzah

Judgments » Upon nations--exemplified » People of ashdod

Judgments » Delivered » Into the hands of the chaldeans

Judgments » Hananiah, the false prophet

Judgments » Ahab and jezebel

Judgments » Sennacherib

Judgments » Zimri

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Nebuchadnezzar

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Belshazzar

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Achan

Judgments » Upon nations--exemplified » Egypt

Judgments » Different kinds of » Cursing men's blessings

Judgments » Should lead to » Learning righteousness

Judgments » Disobedience » Prophet of judah

Judgments » Delivered » Into the hands of the assyrians

Judgments » Saints » Preserved during

Judgments » Sodomites

Judgments » Jeroboam

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Elymas

Acts 13:11

The Lord's hand is now upon you, and you will be blind for a time and unable to see the light of day." Instantly there fell upon him a mist and a darkness, and, as he walked about, he begged people to lead him by the hand.

Judgments » Upon individuals--exemplified » Herod

Judgments » Different kinds of » Abandonment by God

Judgments » On the serpent

Judgments » Upon abimelech

Judgments » Ahaziah

Judgments » miriam

Judgments » Adam

Judgments » Cain

Judgments » Sent for the deliverance of saints

Judgments » Different kinds of » Famine of hearing the word

Judgments » Nadab and abihu

Judgments » Manasseh

Judgments » Gehazi

Judgments » Upon the israelites » For worshiping aaron's calf

Judgments » Executed by human instrumentality

Judgments » Egyptians, the plagues and overthrow

Judgments » Uzzah

Judgments » Eve

Judgments » The antediluvians

Topics on Judgments

Bowl Judgments

Revelation 16:10

The fifth angel poured his bowl on to the throne of the Wild Beast; and his kingdom became darkened. People gnawed their tongues because of the pain,

Seal Judgments

Mark 13:24

"At that time, however, after that distress, the sun will be darkened and the moon will not shed her light;

Trumpet Judgments

Revelation 8:7

The first blew his trumpet; and there came hail and fire, mixed with blood, falling upon the earth; and a third part of the earth was burnt up, and a third part of the trees and all the green grass.