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'Human' in the Bible

But a human being is born to trouble, and {they soar aloft} [like] {sparks}.

"Does not {a human being have hard service} on earth? And [are not] his days like the days of a laborer?

"What is a human being, that you make so much of him; that you set your affections on him,

"Truly, I know that this is so. But how can a human be just before God?

For he is not a human being like I am, that I might answer him, that we might come together in judgment.

Do You have eyes of flesh, or do You see as a human sees?

Are Your days like those of a human, or Your years like those of a man,

An empty-headed person will gain understanding when a wild donkey is born a human being!"

Who [is so blind as] not to recognize in all these [that good and evil are promiscuously scattered throughout nature and human life] that it is God's hand which does it [and God's way]?

He leads [great and scheming] counselors away stripped and barefoot and makes the judges fools [in human estimation, by overthrowing their plans].

Will things go well for you under his cross-examination? Can you lie to him, as you would to a human being?

"But a man dies, and he dwindles away; thus a human being passes away, and where is he?

If a human being dies, will he live again? I will endure the entire time of my assigned service, until I am changed.

Water wears away stones; floods wash away topsoil from the land but you destroy the hope of human beings just like that!

"Were you born the firstborn of the human race? And were you brought forth {before} [the] hills?

"What [is] a human being, that he can be clean, or that [one] born of a woman can be righteous?

crying for him to arbitrate between this man and God; as a human being does with his fellow neighbor.

"Did you know this from of old, since the setting of [the] human being on earth,

Total darkness is reserved for his treasures. A fire unfanned [by human hands] will consume him; it will feed on what is left in his tent.

This [is] a wicked human being's portion from God and the inheritance of his decree from God."

After all, isn't my complaint against a human being? If so, why shouldn't I be impatient?

"Can a human being be useful to God, since he, who is wise, is sufficient to himself?

{How much less} for a human being [who is] a maggot, and {a human} [who is] a worm?"

"This [is the] portion of [the] wicked human being with God, and they receive from Shaddai [the] inheritance of [the] ruthless.

He cuts a shaft far from human habitation, [in places] unknown to those who walk above ground. Suspended far away from people, the miners swing back and forth.

A human being does not know its proper value, and it is not found in [the] land of the living.

They were expelled from human society; people shouted at them as [if they were] thieves.

{Have I concealed} my transgressions as [other] human beings to hide my iniquity in my bosom

{Please let me not show partiality to anyone}, and let me not show flattery to human beings,

"You aren't right about this; My response is that God is greater than human beings.

to turn human beings aside [from their] deeds, and he keeps man from pride.

"If there is a messenger beside him, a mediator, one of a thousand, to declare to a human being his uprightness

He prays to God, then he accepts him, and he sees his face with a shout of joy, and he repays to the human being his righteousness.

Indeed, he will repay [according to] a human being's deeds, and according to a man's way he will let [it] happen [to] him.

all flesh would perish together and human beings would return to dust.

"They die suddenly, in the middle of the night; people suffer seizures and pass away; even valiant men can be taken away and not by human hands.

Yes, Job, his eyes constantly watch the behavior of human beings; he carefully observes their every step.

so that godless human beings should not reign, nor those who ensnare [the] people.

Your wickedness [affects] a person like yourself, and your righteousness [another] human being.

All of mankind sees him; human beings observe him from afar off."

which [the] clouds pour down; they shower abundantly on human beings.

{he stops all human beings from working} {so that everyone whom he has made may know it}.

to bring rain on an uninhabited land, [on] a desert with no human life,

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