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But when the impure spirit has gone out of a man, it goes through dry places seeking a rest, and finds none.

who lived in the tombs, and none could bind him with a chain;

and to none of them was Elijah sent, but to Sarepta, of Sidon, to a widow woman.

And there were many lepers in Israel in the time of Elisha the prophet, and none of them was cleansed but Naaman the Syrian.

And he spoke this parable; A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came seeking fruit on it and found none.

And he said to his vine dresser, Behold, I have come three years seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none; cut it down; why should it make the ground unproductive?

for I tell you that none of those men that were invited shall taste of my supper.

And Simon answered and said, Pray to the Lord for me, that none of the things which you have said may come upon me.

And they all took Sosthenes the synagogue-ruler and beat him before the tribunal; and Gallio cared for none of these things.

and he commanded the centurion that Paul should be kept, and be freed from bonds, and that he should forbid none of his friends to serve him.

For the king knows of these things, before whom I speak freely; for I am persuaded that none of these things have escaped his notice; for this was not done in a corner.

And the design of the soldiers was to kill the prisoners, that none might escape by swimming;

What defense then have we? None at all; for we before asserted that both Jews and Greeks are all under sin,

But I have used none of these things, and I have not written these things that it should be so done to me; for I prefer to die, rather than that any one should make my boasting vain.

But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or a thief, or an evil doer, or as a meddler in other men's affairs;