220 occurrences

'In that Day' in the Bible

And it shall be in that day, and Isaak's servants will come and announce to him concerning the well which they digged, and they will say to him, We found water.

And he will remove in that day the he-goats banded and patched, and all the she-goats speckled and patched; every one which being white on it, and every one black among the sheep, and he will give into the hand of his sons.

And Esau will turn back in that day on his way to Seir.

And he will bless them in that day, saying, In thee shall Israel bless, saying, Will God set thee as Ephraim and as Manasseh: and he will set Ephraim before Manasseh.

And Pharaoh will command in that day those urging on over the people, and their scribes, saying,

And I separated in that day the land of Goshen, which my people stood upon it, for no gad-fly to be there; that thou shalt know that I am Jehovah in the midst of the earth.

And Jehovah will save Israel in that day, from the hand of Egypt: and Israel will see the Egyptians dead upon the lip of the sea

In the third month, in the coming forth of the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt, in that day they came to the desert of Sinai.

And the sons of Levi will do according to the word of Moses: and there will fall from the people in that day about three thousand men.

For in that day he shall expiate for you, to cleanse you from all your sins: before Jehovah shall ye be clean.

In that day it shall be eaten; ye shall not leave from it till morning: I Jehovah.

And the priest reckoned to him the number of thy estimation till the year of jubilee: and he gave thy estimation in that day, holy to Jehovah.

And the priest did the one for sin, and one for a burnt-offering, and he expiated for him for what he sinned for the soul, and he consecrated his head in that day.

And there shall be men who were unclean by the soul of man, and they will not be able to do the passover in that day: and they came near before Moses and before Aaron, in that day:

And Jehovah's anger will kindle in that day, and he will swear, saying,

His carcass shall not pass the night upon the tree; for burying, ye shall bury him in that day, for he being hung is the curse of God; and thou shalt not defile thy land which Jehovah thy God gave to thee an inheritance.

And Moses will command the people in that day, saying,

And my anger was kindled against him in that day, and I forsook them, and I hid my face from them, and he was for consuming, and many evils finding him, and afflictions, and he said in that day, Is it not because God is not in the midst of me these evils find us?

Hiding, I will hide my face in that day for all the evils which he did, for he turned to other gods.

And Moses will write this song in that day, and will teach it to the sons of Israel

In that day Jehovah made Joshua great in the eyes of all Israel, and they will fear him as they feared Moses all the days of his life.

And it will be in the seventh day, and they will rise early in the ascending of the dawn, and they will encompass the city according to this judgment seven times; only in that day they encompassed the city seven times.

And it will be, all falling in that day from men, even to women, twelve thousand; all the men of Ai.

And Joshua will give them in that day hewing wood and drawing water for the assembly and for the altar of Jehovah till this day, to the place which he shall choose.

And Joshua took Makkedah in that day, and he will smite her with the mouth of the sword; and her king he exterminated, them, and every soul which was in her; none was left escaping: and he will do to the king of Makkedah as he did to the king of Jericho.

And they will take it in that day, and they will smite it with the mouth of the sword, and every soul which is in it in that day he exterminated according to all which he did to Lachish.

And Moses will sware in that day, saying, Shall not the land which thy foot trod upon it be to thee for inheritance, and to thy sons even to forever? for thou didst fill up after Jehovah my God.

And now thou shalt give to me this mountain which Jehovah spake in that day; for thou heardest in that day that the Anakims were there, and the cities great being fortified: if Jehovah be with me, and I drove them out, as Jehovah spake.

And Joshua will cut out a covenant to the people in that day and will set to him a law and a judgment in Shechem.

And Moab will be subdued in that day under the hand of Israel: and the land will rest eighty years.

And God will subdue in that day, Jabin, king of Canaan, before the sons of Israel.

And Deborah will sing, and Barak, son of Abinoam, in that day, saying,

And he will call to him in that day, Baal will be powerful, saying, Baal will be mighty against him because he threw down his altar.

And the sons of Benjamin will be reviewed in that day from the cities, twenty and six thousand men drawing the sword, besides from the inhabitants of Gibeah they were reviewed, seven hundred chosen men.

And the sons of Benjamin will come forth from Gibeah, and they will destroy in that day in Israel twenty and two thousand men to the earth.

And all the sons of Israel and all the people will go up, and they will come to the house of God, and they will weep, and they will sit there before Jehovah, and they will fast in that day till the evening, and they will bring up burnt-offerings and peace before Jehovah.

And Jehovah will smite Benjamin before Israel: and the sons of Israel will destroy of Benjamin in that day twenty and five thousand and a hundred men: all these drawing sword.

And all those falling of Benjamin will be twenty and five thousand men drawing sword in that day; all these men of strength.

And it will be in that day, and Eli lay down in his place, and his eyes began to be weak; he will not be able to see.

In that day I will set up all against Eli which I spake against his house, beginning and finishing.

And a man of Benjamin will run from the array, and he will come to Shiloh in that day; and his garments rent and earth upon his head.

And the Levites brought down the ark of Jehovah, and the coffer that was with it, which in it the vessels of gold, and put upon the great stone: and the men of the House of the Sun brought up burnt-offerings and sacrificed sacrifices in that day to Jehovah.

And the five princes of Philisteim saw, and they will turn back to Ekron in that day.

And they will gather together to Mizpeh, and draw water and pour out before Jehovah; and they will fast in that day and say there, We sinned against Jehovah. And Samuel will judge the sons of Israel in Mizpeh.

And Samuel will be bringing up the burnt-offering, and Philisteim drew near to war against Israel: and Jehovah will thunder with a great voice in that day upon Philisteim and he will discomfit them; and they will be smitten before Israel.

And ye cried out in that day from before your king which ye chose to yourselves; and Jehovah will not answer you in that day.

And the cook will lift up the leg and that upon it, and will set before Saul. And he will say, Behold that being left set before thee: eat, for to the appointment being watched for thee, saying, I called the people. And Saul will eat with Samuel in that day.

And it was as he turned away his shoulder to go from Samuel, and God will turn to him another heart: and all these signs will come in that day.

And Samuel will call to Jehovah, and Jehovah will give voices and rain in that day: and all the people will be greatly afraid of Jehovah and Samuel.

And Saul will say to Ahiah, Bring near the ark of God. For the ark of God was in that day and the sons of Israel.

And Jehovah will save Israel in that day: and the battle passed over to the house of nothing.

And the man Israel was pressed in that day: and Saul will curse the people, saying, Cursed the men who shall eat bread till the evening, and I was avenged of mine enemy. And all the people tasted not bread.

And they will strike the rovers in that day, from Michmash to the oak: and the people were greatly wearied.

And Saul will ask in God, Shall I go down after the rovers? wilt thou give them into the hand of Israel? And he will not answer him in that day.

And Saul will take him in that day and he gave him not to turn back to the house of his father.

And Saul spake not anything in that day, for he said, It is an accident; he is not clean; for he is not clean.

And a man there from the servants of Saul in that day, withheld before Jehovah; and his name Doeg, the Edomite, a powerful one of the shepherds which were to Saul.

And David will rise and flee in that day from the face of Saul, and he will come to Achish, king of Gath.

And the king will say to Doeg, Turn thou about, and fall upon the priests. And Doeg the Edomite will turn about, and he will fall upon the priests and kill in that day eighty and five men lifting up a linen ephod.

And David will say to Abiathar, I knew in that day that Doeg the Edomite was there, that announcing, he will announce to Saul, I was the cause to every soul of thy father's house.

And Achish will give to him in that day Ziklag; for this Ziklag was to the kings of Judah, even to this day.

And Saul will die, and his three sons, and he lifting up his arms, also all his men in that day together.

And the war will be hard even exceedingly, in that day; and Abner will be smitten, and the men of Israel, before the servants of David.

And all the people knew, and all Israel, in that day, that it was not from the king to kill Abner son of Ner.

And David will say in that day, Every one striking the Jebusite, and shall reach upon the cataract, and the lame and the blind hating David's soul; for this they will say, The blind and the lame shall not come in to the house.

And David was afraid of Jehovah in that day, and he will say, How shall the ark of Jehovah come to me?

And David will say to Uriah, Dwell here also this day, and to-morrow I will send thee away. And Uriah dwelt in Jerusalem in that day and from the morrow.

And there the people of Israel will be struck before David's servants, and a great slaughter will be in that day of twenty thousand.

And there the battle will be scattered upon the face of all the earth: and the forest will multiply to consume of the people above what the sword will consume in that day.

And the salvation in that day will be turned to mourning to all the people: for the people heard in that day, saying the king was grieved for his son.

And the people will steal away in that day to go to the city, as people will steal away being ashamed in fleeing in battle.

He arose, and he will strike against the rovers till that his hand will be weary, and his hand will cleave to the sword: and Jehovah will do a great salvation in that day; and they sat down behind him only to strip off.

And Gad will come to David in that day and say to him, Go up, raise up an altar to Jehovah in the threshing-floor of Araunah the Jebusite.

In that day the king consecrated the middle of the enclosure which was before the house of Jehovah: for he did there the burnt-offering and the gifts and the fat of the peace: for the altar of brass which was before Jehovah was little for containing the burnt-offering and the gifts and the fat of the peace

And Solomon will make the festival in that day, and all Israel with him, a great convocation from the going in of Hamath even to the torrent of Egypt, before Jehovah our God seven days and seven days, fourteen days.

And, he will give in that day a sign, saying, This the sign which Jehovah spake: Behold, the altar rent and the fat which was upon it, poured out

And the people encamping will hear, saying, Zimri conspired and also struck the king; and all Israel will make Omri chief of the army, king over Israel in that day in the camp.

And Micaiah will say, Behold thee seeing in that day when thou shalt go into a chamber, in a chamber to hide thyself.

And the battle will go up in that day: and the king was fixed in the chariot over against Aram, and he will die in the evening: and the blood of the wound will flow into the bosom of the chariot

And king Jehoram will go forth in that day out of Shomeron, and he will review all Israel.

And David will fear God in that day, saying, How shall I bring to me the ark of God?

In that day thus David gave at the first to confess to Jehovah by the hand of Asaph and his brethren.

And they will eat and drink before Jehovah in that day with great gladness. And they will make the second time for Solomon son of David to be king, and they will anoint him to Jehovah for leader, and to Zadok for priest

And they will sacrifice to Jehovah in that day from the spoil they brought, seven hundred oxen and seven thousand sheep.

And Micaiah will say, Behold thee seeing in that day which thou shalt go to a chamber in a chamber to hide thyself.

And the battle will go up in that day: and the king of Israel was made to stand in the chariot over against Aram till the evening: and he will die at the time of the going down of the sun.

And all the service of Jehovah will be prepared in that day to do the passover, and bring up the burnt-offerings upon the altar of Jehovah, according to the command of the king Josiah.

And they will sacrifice in that day great sacrifices, and they will rejoice, for God caused them to rejoice with great gladness: and also the women and the children, rejoiced, and the gladness of Jerusalem will be heard even to far off.

And in that day they will appoint men over the cells to the treasures for the oblations for the first-fruits and for the tenths to collect into them to the fields of the cities the portions of the law to the priests and to the Levites: for the gladness of Judah over the priests and over the Levites standing.

In that day was read in the book of Moses in the ears of the people; and it was found written in it that there shall not come in an Ammonite and a Moabite to the convocation of God, even to forever;

And Haman went forth in that day being glad and good of heart: and when Haman saw Mordecai in the king's gate, and he rose not up and moved not himself for him, and Haman will be filled with wrath against Mordecai.

In that day the king Ahasuerus gave to Esther the queen, the house of Haman the Jews' enemy. And Mordecai came before the king; for Esther announced what he was to her.

In that day came the number of those slain in Shushan the fortress before the king.

The lofty eyes of man were humbled, and the height of men bowed down, and Jehovah alone was exalted in that day.

And the haughtiness of man was bowed down, and the height of man was humbled: and Jehovah alone was exalted in that day.

In that day man shall cast the nothings of his silver and the nothings of his gold which they made for him to worship, to the digging of moles and to bats.

He shall lift up in that day, saying, I will not be binding up; and in my house no bread and no garment: thou shalt not set me a chief of the people.

In that day Jehovah will turn away the ornament of the ankle bands, and the inter-weavings, and the crescents,