10 occurrences in 21 translations

'Give Ear' in the Bible

But I say to you who give ear to me, Have love for those who are against you, do good to those who have hate for you,

And some falling on good earth, came up and gave fruit a hundred times as much. And with these words he said in a loud voice, He who has ears, let him give ear.

The queen of the South will come up on the day of judging and give her decision against the men of this generation: for she came from the ends of the earth to give ear to the wisdom of Solomon; and now something greater than Solomon is here.

It is no good for the land or for the place of waste; no one has a use for it. He who has ears, let him give ear.

Now all the tax-farmers and sinners came near to give ear to him.

for I have five brothers; that he may give earnest warning to them, that they too may not come into this place of torment.

But Abraham said, They have Moses and the prophets; let them give ear to what they say.

And the Lord said, Give ear to the words of the evil judge.

And all the people came early in the morning to give ear to his words in the Temple.


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