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(1.) With God, consisting in the knowledge of his will (Job 22:21; Joh 17:3); agreement with his designs (Am 3:2); mutual affection (Ro 8:1; 16:27,27); enjoyment of his presence (Ps 4:6); conformity to his image (1Jo 2:6; 1:6); and participation of his felicity (1Jo 1:3-4; Eph 3:14-21).

(2.) Of saints with one another, in duties (Ro 12:5; 1Co 12:1; 1Th 5:17-18); in ordinances (Heb 10:25; Ac 2:46); in grace, love, joy, etc. (Mal 3:16; 2Co 8:4); mutual interest, spiritual and temporal (Ro 12:4,13; Heb 13:16); in sufferings (Ro 15:1-2; Ga 6:1-2; Ro 12:15; and in glory (Re 7:9).

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????????. This in scripture is association, and having things in common. The Lord's table is where the fellowship of Christians is expressed

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