29 occurrences

'Rule Over' in the Bible

If thou shalt do well thou shalt be lifted up; and if thou shalt not do well, sin lies at the entrance; and to thee his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.

And his brethren will say to him, Reigning, shalt thou reign over us? or ruling, shalt thou rule over us? And they will add yet to hate him for his dreams and for his words.

And ye shall possess them for your sons after you to take possession forever; ye shall serve with them: and over your brethren the sons of Israel, ye shall not rule over him, each over his brother with oppression.

Is this small that thou broughtest us up from a land flowing with milk and honey to kill us in the desert, that thou ruling also wilt rule over us?

For Jehovah thy God blessed thee as he spake to thee: and thou didst lend to many nations, and thou shalt not borrow; and thou didst rule over many nations, and they shall not rule over thee.

And the men of Israel will say to Gideon, Rule over us, also thou, also thy son, also thy son's son: for thou savedst us from the hand of Midian.

And Gideon will say to them, I will not rule over you, and my son shall not rule over you: Jehovah shall rule over you.

Speak, now, in the ears of all the lords of Shechem, What good to you for seventy men of all the sons of Jerubbaal to rule over you, or one man to rule over you? and remember that I am your bone and your flesh.

And Samuel saw Saul, and Jehovah answered him, Behold the man that I said to thee, He shall rule over my people.

Also withhold thy servant from arrogant things; they shall not rule over me: then shall I be blameless, and I was acquitted from much transgression.

As sheep they were laid in hades; death shall rule over them, and the upright shall come down upon them in the morning; and their rock for falling away in hades from a dwelling to him.

And he will give them into the hand of the nations; and they hating them shall rule over them.

Delight is not becoming to the foolish one; much less for a servant to rule over chiefs.

And I shut up Egypt into the hand of hard lords, and a strong king shall rule over them, says the Lord Jehovah of armies.

It shall be lower than the kingdoms, and it shall no more be lifted up over the nations: and I made them few not to rule over the nations.

And he did to the strong fortifications with a strange god whom he recognized, he shall multiply honor: and he caused them to rule over many, and he will divide the land for a price.

Between the porch and to the altar the priests serving Jehovah shall weep, and they shall say, Spare, O Jehovah, thy people, and thou wilt not give thine inheritance to reproach for the nations to rule over them: wherefore shall they say among the peoples, Where is their God?

And Jesus having called them, says to them, Ye know that they thinking to be first of the nations rule over them; and their great ones exercise authority over them.

And he said to them, The kings of the nations rule over them; and they exercising power over them are called benefactors.

And again Esaias says, The root shall be of Jesse, and he having risen to rule over the nations; upon him shall the nations hope.