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'Justice' in the Bible

“You must not deny justice to a poor person among you in his lawsuit.

Do not deny justice or show partiality to anyone. Do not accept a bribe, for it blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the righteous.

Pursue justice and justice alone, so that you will live and possess the land the Lord your God is giving you.

He chose the best part for himself,because a ruler’s portion was assigned there for him.He came with the leaders of the people;he carried out the Lord’s justiceand His ordinances for Israel.

so that the crime against the 70 sons of Jerubbaal might come to justice and their blood would be avenged on their brother Abimelech, who killed them, and on the lords of Shechem, who had helped him kill his brothers.

He added, “If only someone would appoint me judge in the land. Then anyone who had a grievance or dispute could come to me, and I would make sure he received justice.”

The God of Israel spoke;the Rock of Israel said to me,“The one who rules the people with justice,who rules in the fear of God,

So God said to him, “Because you have requested this and did not ask for long life or riches for yourself, or the death of your enemies, but you asked discernment for yourself to understand justice,

All Israel heard about the judgment the king had given, and they stood in awe of the king because they saw that God’s wisdom was in him to carry out justice.

may You hear in heaven and act.May You judge Your servants,condemning the wicked man by bringingwhat he has done on his own headand providing justice for the righteousby rewarding him according to his righteousness.

May Yahweh your God be praised! He delighted in you and put you on the throne of Israel, because of the Lord’s eternal love for Israel. He has made you king to carry out justice and righteousness.”

So David reigned over all Israel, administering justice and righteousness for all his people.

may You hear in heaven and act.May You judge Your servants,condemning the wicked man by bringingwhat he has done on his own headand providing justice for the righteousby rewarding him according to his righteousness.

May the Lord your God be praised! He delighted in you and put you on His throne as king for the Lord your God. Because Your God loved Israel enough to establish them forever, He has set you over them as king to carry out justice and righteousness.”

The king consulted the wise men who understood the times, for it was his normal procedure to confer with experts in law and justice.

Does God pervert justice?Does the Almighty pervert what is right?

If it is a matter of strength, look, He is the Mighty One!If it is a matter of justice, who can summon Him?

As God lives, who has deprived me of justice,and the Almighty who has made me bitter,

For Job has declared, “I am righteous,yet God has deprived me of justice.

Indeed, it is true that God does not act wickedlyand the Almighty does not pervert justice.

Could one who hates justice govern the world?Will you condemn the mighty Righteous One,

He does not keep the wicked alive,but He gives justice to the afflicted.

Yet now you are obsessed with the judgment due the wicked;judgment and justice have seized you.

The Almighty—we cannot reach Him—He is exalted in power!He will not oppress justice and abundant righteousness,

Would you really challenge My justice?Would you declare Me guilty to justify yourself?

The Lord has revealed Himself;He has executed justice,striking down the wickedby the work of their hands.Higgaion. Selah

doing justice for the fatherless and the oppressedso that men of the earth may terrify them no more.

in your splendor ride triumphantlyin the cause of truth, humility, and justice.May your right hand show your awe-inspiring acts.

Your name, God, like Your praise,reaches to the ends of the earth;Your right hand is filled with justice.

In Your justice, rescue and deliver me;listen closely to me and save me.

Solomonic.God, give Your justice to the kingand Your righteousness to the king’s son.

He will judge Your people with righteousnessand Your afflicted ones with justice.

for justice will again be righteous,and all the upright in heart will follow it.

The mighty King loves justice.You have established fairness;You have administered justiceand righteousness in Jacob.

A Davidic psalm.I will sing of faithful love and justice;I will sing praise to You, Lord.

The works of His hands are truth and justice;all His instructions are trustworthy.

In keeping with Your faithful love, hear my voice.Lord, give me life in keeping with Your justice.

for receiving wise instructionin righteousness, justice, and integrity;

Then you will understand righteousness, justice,and integrity—every good path.

I walk in the way of righteousness,along the paths of justice,

The uncultivated field of the poor yields abundant food,but without justice, it is swept away.

It is not good to show partiality to the guiltyby perverting the justice due the innocent.

A worthless witness mocks justice,and a wicked mouth swallows iniquity.

Evil men do not understand justice,but those who seek the Lord understand everything.

Otherwise, they will drink,forget what is decreed,and pervert justice for all the oppressed.

If you see oppression of the poor and perversion of justice and righteousness in the province, don’t be astonished at the situation, because one official protects another official, and higher officials protect them.

The faithful city—what an adulteress she has become!She was once full of justice.Righteousness once dwelt in her—but now, murderers!

Zion will be redeemed by justice,her repentant ones by righteousness.

For the vineyard of the Lord of Hostsis the house of Israel,and the men of Judah,the plant He delighted in.He looked for justicebut saw injustice,for righteousness,but heard cries of wretchedness.

But the Lord of Hosts is exalted by His justice,and the holy God is distinguished by righteousness.

who acquit the guilty for a bribeand deprive the innocent of justice.

The dominion will be vast,and its prosperity will never end.He will reign on the throne of Davidand over his kingdom,to establish and sustain itwith justice and righteousness from now on and forever.The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will accomplish this.

to keep the poor from getting a fair trialand to deprive the afflicted among my people of justice,so that widows can be their spoiland they can plunder the fatherless.

Israel, even if your people were as numerousas the sand of the sea,only a remnant of them will return.Destruction has been decreed;justice overflows.

His delight will be in the fear of the Lord.He will not judgeby what He sees with His eyes,He will not execute justiceby what He hears with His ears,

but He will judge the poor righteouslyand execute justice for the oppressed of the land.He will strike the landwith discipline from His mouth,and He will kill the wickedwith a command from His lips.

Then in the tent of Davida throne will be established by faithful love.A judge who seeks what is rightand is quick to execute justicewill sit on the throne forever.

And I will make justice the measuring lineand righteousness the mason’s level.”Hail will sweep away the false refuge,and water will flood your hiding place.

those who, with their speech,accuse a person of wrongdoing,who set a trap at the gate for the mediator,and without cause deprive the righteous of justice.

Then justice will inhabit the wilderness,and righteousness will dwell in the orchard.

Who did He consult with?Who gave Him understandingand taught Him the paths of justice?Who taught Him knowledgeand showed Him the way of understanding?

He will not grow weak or be discourageduntil He has established justice on earth.The islands will wait for His instruction.”

Listen to me, you hardhearted,far removed from justice:

Pay attention to Me, My people,and listen to Me, My nation;for instruction will come from Me,and My justice for a light to the nations.I will bring it about quickly.

My righteousness is near,My salvation appears,and My arms will bring justice to the nations.The coastlands will put their hope in Me,and they will look to My strength.

This is what the Lord says:Preserve justice and do what is right,for My salvation is coming soon,and My righteousness will be revealed.

They seek Me day after dayand delight to know My ways,like a nation that does what is rightand does not abandon the justice of their God.They ask Me for righteous judgments;they delight in the nearness of God.”

They have not known the path of peace,and there is no justice in their ways.They have made their roads crooked;no one who walks on them will know peace.

Therefore justice is far from us,and righteousness does not reach us.We hope for light, but there is darkness;for brightness, but we live in the night.

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