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'Turned' in the Bible

O ye sons of men, how long shall my glory be turned into dishonor? How long will ye love vanity, and seek after falsehood? Selah

Let all those who are against me be shamed and deeply troubled; let them be turned back and suddenly put to shame.

If a man is not turned from his evil, he will make his sword sharp; his bow is bent and ready.

When mine enemies are turned back, they shall fall and perish at thy presence.

For the evil-doer is lifted up because of the purpose of his heart, and he whose mind is fixed on wealth is turned away from the Lord, saying evil against him.

He is waiting in the dark places of the towns: in the secret places he puts to death those who have done no wrong: his eyes are secretly turned against the poor.

He says in his heart, God has no memory of me: his face is turned away; he will never see it.

For I have kept the ways of the Lord and have not turned from my God to wickedness.

I pursued mine enemies, and overtook them; and I turned not again till they were consumed.

By you their backs are turned in flight, so that my haters are cut off.

Their backs will be turned when you make ready the cords of your bow against their faces.

All the ends of the earth will keep it in mind and be turned to the Lord: all the families of the nations will give him worship.

My eyes are turned to the Lord at all times; for he will take my feet out of the net.

Be turned to me, and have mercy on me; for I am troubled and have no helper.

Let your ear be turned to me; take me quickly out of danger; be my strong Rock, my place of strength where I may be safe.

Let your eyes be turned to him and you will have light, and your faces will not be shamed.

Let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after my soul: let them be turned back and brought to confusion that devise my hurt.

But their swords will be turned into their hearts, and their bows will be broken.

Let your wrath be turned away from me, so that I may be comforted, before I go away from here, and become nothing.

They are ashamed and confounded together, Who are seeking my soul to destroy it, They are turned backward, And are ashamed, who are desiring my evil.

Because of this we are turned back by the attacker: those who have hate for us take our goods for themselves.

Our heart is not turned back, neither have our steps declined from thy way;

Then will I make your ways clear to wrongdoers; and sinners will be turned to you.

Everyone has turned aside; they have all become corrupt. There is no one who does good, not even one.

When I cry unto thee, then shall my enemies be turned back; in this I know that God is for me.

Let them be turned to liquid like the ever-flowing waters; let them be cut off like the grass by the way.

Let them be like an after-birth which is turned to water and comes to an end; like the fruit of a woman who gives birth before her time, let them not see the sun.

For the music director; according to the shushan-eduth style; a prayer of David written to instruct others. It was written when he fought against Aram Naharaim and Aram-Zobah. That was when Joab turned back and struck down 12,000 Edomites in the Valley of Salt. O God, you have rejected us. You suddenly turned on us in your anger. Please restore us!

He turned the sea into dry land: they went through the flood on foot: there did we rejoice in him.

Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me.

Let God be seen, and let his haters be put to flight; let those who are against him be turned back before him.

My bitter weeping, and my going without food, were turned to my shame.

Give an answer to my words, O Lord; for your mercy is good: be turned to me, because of your great pity.

Because they are cruel to him against whom your hand is turned; they make bitter the grief of him who is wounded by you.

Let them be ashamed and confounded that seek after my soul: let them be turned backward, and put to confusion, that desire my hurt.

Let them be turned back for a reward of their shame that say, Aha, aha.

A Psalm of Asaph. Only -- good to Israel is God, to the clean of heart. And I -- as a little thing, My feet have been turned aside,

When my thoughts were turned to see the reason of this, it was a weariness in my eyes;

Do not let the afflicted be turned back in shame! Let the oppressed and poor praise your name!

In the day of my trouble, my heart was turned to the Lord: my hand was stretched out in the night without resting; my soul would not be comforted.

The children of Ephraim, being armed, and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle.

They had not yet turned aside from their craving, [while] their food [was] still in their mouth,

If He slew them, then they sought Him, And turned back, and sought God earnestly,

But he, being full of compassion, forgave their iniquity, and destroyed them not: yea, many a time turned he his anger away, and did not stir up all his wrath.

Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.

And had turned their rivers into blood; and their floods, that they could not drink.

But turned back, and dealt unfaithfully like their fathers: they were turned aside like a deceitful bow.

His haters were turned back by his blows and shamed for ever.

God, the nations have invaded Your inheritance, desecrated Your holy temple, and turned Jerusalem into ruins.

Come back, O God of armies: from heaven let your eyes be turned to this vine, and give your mind to it,

So will we not be turned back from you; keep us in life, and we will give praise to your name.

From the burden his shoulder I turned aside, His hands from the basket pass over.

I should soon have subdued their enemies, and turned my hand against their adversaries.

O God, let your eyes be on him who is our safe cover, and let your heart be turned to your king.

To the Overseer. -- By sons of Korah. A Psalm. Thou hast accepted, O Jehovah, Thy land, Thou hast turned to the captivity of Jacob.

Thou hast taken away all thy wrath: thou hast turned thyself from the fierceness of thine anger.

Thou hast also turned the edge of his sword, and hast not made him to stand in the battle.

For forty years I was angry with this generation, and said, They are a people whose hearts are turned away from me, for they have no knowledge of my ways;

Give high honour to the Lord our God, worshipping with your faces turned to his holy hill; for the Lord our God is holy.

Let your search be for the Lord and for his strength; let your hearts ever be turned to him.

He turned their heart to hate his people, to deal subtilly with his servants.

He turned their rain into hail, into flaming fire in their land.

He threatened to destroy them, but Moses, his chosen one, interceded with him and turned back his destructive anger.

He turned them over to domination by nations where those who hated them ruled over them.

Again and again he made them free; but their hearts were turned against his purpose, and they were overcome by their sins.

They are turned here and there, rolling like a man who is full of wine; and all their wisdom comes to nothing.

He turned streams into a desert, springs of water into arid land,

As for his people, he turned a desert into a pool of water, and a dry land into springs of water.

When he is judged, let him come forth guilty; And let his prayer be turned into sin.

Why was it, sea, that you fled? Jordan, that you turned back?

Which turned the rock into a standing water, the flint into a fountain of waters.

Let my eyes be turned away from what is false; give me life in your ways.

Let your worshippers be turned to me, and those who have knowledge of your words.

The men of pride, who are turned away from your law, have put nets for me.

I have not turned from Your judgments, for You Yourself have instructed me.

Be my support as you have said, and give me life; let not my hope be turned to shame.

Let your eyes be turned to me, and have mercy on me, as it is right for you to do to those who are lovers of your name.

Bible Theasaurus

Reverse Interlinear

Root Form
turn to the right
Usage: 1

Usage: 1

Usage: 94

Usage: 1

Usage: 20

Usage: 2

Usage: 3

מסבּה מוּסבּה 
Usage: 4

מקצעה מקצע מקצוע 
Usage: 12

משׁבה משׁוּבה 
Usage: 12

Usage: 9

Usage: 157

Usage: 14

שׂוּר סוּר 
away , depart , remove , aside , take , turn , turn in , take off , go , put , eschewed ,
Usage: 301

Usage: 8

Usage: 8

Usage: 17

Usage: 17

Usage: 134

Usage: 3

Usage: 1058

Usage: 1

שׂים שׂוּם 
put , make , set , lay , appoint , give , set up , consider , turn , brought , ordain , place , take , shew , regard , mark , disposed , care ,
Usage: 580

go aside , turn , decline
Usage: 6

Usage: 15

תּר תּור 
Usage: 4

Usage: 3

Usage: 3

Usage: 13

turn , go out , come
Usage: 4

Usage: 8

Usage: 1

Usage: 5

turn aside , avoid , turn , turn out of the way
Usage: 5

Usage: 29

lay , bow , bow down , be far spent , turn to fight , wear away
Usage: 5

μεθίστημι μεθιστάνω 
Usage: 4

Usage: 2

Usage: 3

Usage: 6

Usage: 15

Usage: 1

Usage: 31

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