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'My People' in the Bible

And God said, 'I will judge the nation [i.e., Egypt] that enslaves them and [then] after my people are liberated, they will serve me in this place [i.e., Palestine].'

After these things [have transpired], I will return [to my people] and will rebuild the Tabernacle [i.e., the Temple] of David, which has been destroyed. I will rebuild it from its ruins and reestablish it,

(since I am with thee, and no man shall lift up his hand so as to hurt thee:) for my people in this city are numerous."

"Brothers, I did not know that he was the high priest," exclaimed Paul, "for it is written, Thou shalt not speak evil of a ruler of my people."

Now after several years I came up [to Jerusalem] to bring to my people contributions of charity and offerings.

But when the Jews cried contrary, I was constrained to appeal unto Caesar. Not because I had ought to accuse my people of.