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He despises a reprobate, but honors the Lord's loyal followers. He makes firm commitments and does not renege on his promise.

For the music director; by the Lord's servant David, who sang to the Lord the words of this song when the Lord rescued him from the power of all his enemies, including Saul. He said: "I love you, Lord, my source of strength!

For I have obeyed the Lord's commands; I have not rebelled against my God.

For the king trusts in the Lord, and because of the sovereign Lord's faithfulness he is not upended.

You are the reason I offer praise in the great assembly; I will fulfill my promises before the Lord's loyal followers.

Truly, goodness and gracious love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will remain in the LORD's Temple forever. A Davidic Psalm.

All the Lord's ways [show] faithful love and truth to those who keep His covenant and decrees.

I have asked one thing from the LORD; it is what I really seek: that I may remain in the LORD's Temple all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD; and to inquire in his Temple.

I am certain that I will see the Lord's goodness in the land of the living.

For they do not understand the Lord's actions, or the way he carries out justice. The Lord will permanently demolish them.

A psalm of David. Acknowledge the Lord, you heavenly beings, acknowledge the Lord's majesty and power!

The Lord's shout is heard over the water; the majestic God thunders, the Lord appears over the surging water.

The Lord's shout is powerful, the Lord's shout is majestic.

The Lord's shout breaks the cedars, the Lord shatters the cedars of Lebanon.

The Lord's shout strikes with flaming fire.

The Lord's shout shakes the wilderness, the Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.

The Lord's shout bends the large trees and strips the leaves from the forests. Everyone in his temple says, "Majestic!"

Behold, the Lord's eye is upon those who fear Him [who revere and worship Him with awe], who wait for Him and hope in His mercy and loving-kindness,

Proclaim with me the Lord's greatness; let us exalt His name together.

May they be like wind-driven chaff, as the Lord's angel attacks them!

May their path be dark and slippery, as the Lord's angel chases them!

For the music director; written by the Lord's servant, David; an oracle. An evil man is rebellious to the core. He does not fear God,

But the wicked will perish; the Lord's enemies, like the glory of the pastures, will fade away- they will fade away like smoke.

For there is a cup in the Lord's hand, full of wine blended with spices, and He pours from it. All the wicked of the earth will drink, draining it to the dregs.

I will remember the Lord's works; yes, I will remember Your ancient wonders.

we will not hide from their descendants. We will tell the next generation about the Lord's praiseworthy acts, about his strength and the amazing things he has done.

So these things came to the Lord's ears, and he was angry; and a fire was lighted against Jacob, and wrath came up against Israel;

I desperately want to be in the courts of the Lord's temple. My heart and my entire being shout for joy to the living God.

Written by the Korahites; a psalm, a song. The Lord's city is in the holy hills.

I will sing about the Lord's faithful love forever; with my mouth I will proclaim Your faithfulness to all generations.

Planted in the LORD's Temple, they will flourish in the courtyard of our God.

in the LORD's presence, because he is coming; indeed, he will come to judge the earth. He will judge the world fairly and its people reliably.

Mountains melt like wax in the LORD's presence In the presence of the LORD of all the earth.

in the LORD's presence, who comes to judge the earth; He'll judge the world righteously; and its people fairly.

Every morning I will destroy all the wicked of the land, eliminating all evildoers from the Lord's city.

But from eternity to eternity the Lord's faithful love is toward those who fear Him, and His righteousness toward the grandchildren

until the time when his prediction came true. The Lord's word proved him right.

They grumbled in their tents and did not listen to the Lord's voice.

Therefore the Lord's anger burned against His people, and He abhorred His own inheritance.

They saw the Lord's works, His wonderful works in the deep.

Let whoever is wise pay attention to these things and consider the Lord's acts of faithful love.

May his ancestors' guilt be remembered in the LORD's presence, and may his mother's guilt not be erased.

May what they have done be continually in the LORD's presence; and may their memory be excised from the earth.

Let this be the Lord's payment to my accusers, to those who speak evil against me.

May the Lord's name be praised now and forevermore!

The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD'S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.

I will walk in the LORD's presence in the lands of the living.

I will raise my cup of deliverance and invoke the LORD's name.

In the courts of the LORD'S house, in the midst of thee, O Jerusalem. Praise ye the LORD.

There are shouts of joy and victory in the tents of the righteous: "The Lord's right hand strikes with power!

The Lord's right hand is raised! The Lord's right hand strikes with power!"

This is the LORD's gate The righteous will enter through it.

Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the LORD! Let us bless you from the LORD's house.

I rejoiced when they kept on asking me, "Let us go to the LORD's Temple."

Then none who pass by will say, "May the Lord's blessing be on you." We bless you in the name of the Lord.

Now praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who stand in the Lord's house at night!

you who are standing in the LORD's Temple, in the courtyards of the house of our God.

How shall we sing the LORD'S song in a strange land?

They will sing of the Lord's ways, for the Lord's glory is great.

My mouth will declare the Lord's praise; let every living thing praise His holy name forever and ever.

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