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'Do Good' in the Bible

They reward my good with evil, opposing me because I seek to do good.

For in his living he will praise his soul, (and he will praise thee for thou wilt do good to thyself,)

([Psalm of David]) The fool has said in his heart: There is no God (Jehovah)*. They are corrupt and have done abominable (detestable) iniquity. There are none who do good. (*Possible deliberate scribal change from YHWH to Elohim)

Every one of them has gone back: they are totally corrupted (filthy). None do good, no, not one.

and that, because his mind was not to do good, but persecuted the poor helpless, and him that was vexed at the heart, to slay him.

Do good to your servant, according to your word, Yahweh.

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