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'Wealth' in the Bible

For you had very little before I came, but now your wealth has increased. The Lord has blessed you because of me. And now, when will I also do something for my own family?”

Now Jacob heard what Laban’s sons were saying: “Jacob has taken all that was our father’s and has built this wealth from what belonged to our father.”

In fact, all the wealth that God has taken away from our father belongs to us and to our children. So do whatever God has said to you.”

They summon the peoples to a mountain;there they offer acceptable sacrifices.For they draw from the wealth of the seasand the hidden treasures of the sand.

he said, “Return to your homes with great wealth: a huge number of cattle, and silver, gold, bronze, iron, and a large quantity of clothing. Share the spoil of your enemies with your brothers.”

Yahweh our God, all this wealth that we’ve provided for building You a house for Your holy name comes from Your hand; everything belongs to You.

God said to Solomon, “Since this was in your heart, and you have not requested riches, wealth, or glory, or for the life of those who hate you, and you have not even requested long life, but you have requested for yourself wisdom and knowledge that you may judge My people over whom I have made you king,

wisdom and knowledge are given to you. I will also give you riches, wealth, and glory, unlike what was given to the kings who were before you, or will be given to those after you.”

He displayed the glorious wealth of his kingdom and the magnificent splendor of his greatness for a total of 180 days.

Then Haman described for them his glorious wealth and his many sons. He told them all how the king had honored him and promoted him in rank over the other officials and the royal staff.

The hungry consume his harvest,even taking it out of the thorns.The thirsty pant for his children’s wealth.

Have I ever said: “Give me something”or “Pay a bribe for me from your wealth

He will no longer be rich; his wealth will not endure.His possessions will not increase in the land.

His children will beg from the poor,for his own hands must give back his wealth.

He swallows wealth but must vomit it up;God will force it from his stomach.

if I have rejoiced because my wealth is greator because my own hand has acquired so much,

Can your wealth or all your physical exertionkeep you from distress?

Still, if caught, he must pay seven times as much;he must give up all the wealth in his house.

giving wealth as an inheritance to those who love me,and filling their treasuries.

One man pretends to be rich but has nothing;another pretends to be poor but has great wealth.

The crown of the wise is their wealth,but the foolishness of fools produces foolishness.

There is a sickening tragedy I have seen under the sun: wealth kept by its owner to his harm.

That wealth was lost in a bad venture, so when he fathered a son, he was empty-handed.

God gives a man riches, wealth, and honor so that he lacks nothing of all he desires for himself, but God does not allow him to enjoy them. Instead, a stranger will enjoy them. This is futile and a sickening tragedy.

Mighty waters cannot extinguish love;rivers cannot sweep it away.If a man were to give all his wealth for love,it would be utterly scorned.

for before the boy knows how to call out father or mother, the wealth of Damascus and the spoils of Samaria will be carried off to the king of Assyria.”

What will you do on the day of punishmentwhen devastation comes from far away?Who will you run to for help?Where will you leave your wealth?

My hand has reached out, as if into a nest,to seize the wealth of the nations.Like one gathering abandoned eggs,I gathered the whole earth.No wing fluttered;no beak opened or chirped.

So they carry their wealth and belongingsover the Wadi of the Willows.

An oracle about the animals of the Negev:Through a land of trouble and distress,of lioness and lion,of viper and flying serpent,they carry their wealth on the backs of donkeysand their treasures on the humps of camels,to a people who will not help them.

Then you will see and be radiant,and your heart will tremble and rejoice,because the riches of the sea will become yoursand the wealth of the nations will come to you.

Your gates will always be open;they will never be shut day or nightso that the wealth of the nationsmay be brought into you,with their kings being led in procession.

But you will be called the Lord’s priests;they will speak of you as ministers of our God;you will eat the wealth of the nations,and you will boast in their riches.

For this is what the Lord says:I will make peace flow to her like a river,and the wealth of nations like a flood;you will nurse and be carried on her hipand bounced on her lap.

I will give up your wealthand your treasures as plunder,without cost, for all your sinsin all your borders.

My mountains in the countryside.I will give up your wealthand all your treasures as plunderbecause of the sin of your high placesin all your borders.

I will give away all the wealth of this city, all its products and valuables. Indeed, I will hand all the treasures of the kings of Judah over to their enemies. They will plunder them, seize them, and carry them off to Babylon.

Therefore, My heart moans like flutes for Moab, and My heart moans like flutes for the people of Kir-heres. And therefore, the wealth he has gained has perished.

Violence has grown into a rod of wickedness.None of them will remain:none of their multitude,none of their wealth,and none of the eminent among them.

The conspiracy of her prophets within her is like a roaring lion tearing its prey: they devour people, seize wealth and valuables, and multiply the widows within her.

They will take your wealth as spoil and plunder your merchandise. They will also demolish your walls and tear down your beautiful homes. Then they will throw your stones, timber, and soil into the water.

“Tarshish was your trading partner because of your great wealth of every kind. They exchanged silver, iron, tin, and lead for your merchandise.

Damascus was also your trading partner because of your numerous products and your great wealth of every kind, trading in wine from Helbon and white wool.

Your wealth, merchandise, and goods,your sailors and captains,those who repair your leaks,those who barter for your goods,and all the warriors within you,with all the other people on board,sink into the heart of the seaon the day of your downfall.

When your merchandise was unloaded from the seas,you satisfied many peoples.You enriched the kings of the earthwith your abundant wealth and goods.

By your wisdom and understandingyou have acquired wealth for yourself.You have acquired gold and silverfor your treasuries.

By your great skill in tradingyou have increased your wealth,but your heart has become proudbecause of your wealth.”

Therefore this is what the Lord God says: I am going to give the land of Egypt to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, who will carry off its wealth, seizing its spoil and taking its plunder. This will be his army’s compensation.

A sword will come against Egypt,and there will be anguish in Cushwhen the slain fall in Egypt,and its wealth is taken away,and its foundations are torn down.

During a time of peace, he will come into the richest parts of the province and do what his fathers and predecessors never did. He will lavish plunder, loot, and wealth on his followers, and he will make plans against fortified cities, but only for a time.

The king of the North will return to his land with great wealth, but his heart will be set against the holy covenant; he will take action, then return to his own land.

On the day you stood aloof,on the day strangers captured his wealth,while foreigners entered his gateand cast lots for Jerusalem,you were just like one of them.

Rise and thresh, Daughter Zion,for I will make your horns ironand your hooves bronze,so you can crush many peoples.Then you will set apart their plunderto the Lord for destruction,their wealth to the Lord of all the earth.

Woe to him who dishonestly makeswealth for his houseto place his nest on high,to escape from the reach of disaster!

Their wealth will become plunderand their houses a ruin.They will build houses but never live in them,plant vineyards but never drink their wine.

Listen! The Lord will impoverish herand cast her wealth into the sea;she herself will be consumed by fire.

Judah will also fight at Jerusalem, and the wealth of all the surrounding nations will be collected: gold, silver, and clothing in great abundance.

Jesus looked around and said to His disciples, “How hard it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God!”

Seeing that he became sad, Jesus said, “How hard it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God!

During a severe testing by affliction, their abundance of joy and their deep poverty overflowed into the wealth of their generosity.

for in a single hoursuch fabulous wealth was destroyed!And every shipmaster, seafarer, the sailors, and all who do business by sea, stood far off

They threw dust on their heads and kept crying out, weeping, and mourning:Woe, woe, the great city,where all those who have ships on the seabecame rich from her wealth,for in a single hour she was destroyed.

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כּוח כּח 
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שׁלוה שׁליו שׁלו 
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